FIFA World Cup 2014 – An alternative view

The thing about key incidents at major events like Olympic Games, tennis and golf majors, and of course football World Cups, is that generally, with the odd exception, the major photographic agencies all get ‘the’ picture.

The photographers are all so closely positioned together that the chances of getting something completely unique from a match, are pretty much nil.


Photographers during Colombia v Greece in Belo Horizonte, June 14. Photo: Jed Leicester

So whilst I could showcase some of the fantastic images our photographers have captured of the key moments so far from this year’s FIFA World Cup, I’ve decided instead to highlight some of the other things going on beyond the obvious football action.

Neymar stretches behind his player escort before Brazil’s opening match with Croatia in Sao Paulo, June 12.


Photo: Carl Recine

Referee Ravshan Irmatov is silhouetted during Switzerland v Ecuador in Brasilia, June 14.


Photo: Jason Cairnduff


The referee uses vanishing spray to mark a position for Uruguay’s defensive wall against Costa Rica in Fortaleza, June 14.


Photo: Carl Recine

An England fan drinks a bottle of beer in a bar in Manaus before their match with Italy, June 14.


Photo: John Sibley

Chile’s Alexis Sanchez sits on the pitch against Australia in Cuiaba, June 13.


Photo: Jason Cairnduff

A Brazilian boy plays football in the street in Manaus, June 14.


Photo: Lee Smith

Fans take photographs during Japan’s match with Ivory Coast in Recife, June 15.


Photo: Paul Childs

A Brazilian man practices capoeira on the beach in Recife, June 15.


Photo: Paul Childs

Switzerland fan before their match with Ecuador, June 14.


Photo: Jason Cairnduff


(Originally posted on Action Images’ blog in June 2014, all photographs are copyright of Action Images/Reuters)

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