A game of two halves

On Sunday I was due to shoot the first cup final of the season, and waking up to glorious sunshine, I was very much looking forward to it. With barely a cloud in the sky, I made my way to the ground in Welwyn, only to find it deserted.


After a quick search online, I found out that the match had been postponed, so I made my way to King George V playing fields, where two pitches had been cleared for use.


The sun continued to beat down on me, so I spent some time switching between the two matches, capturing some decent action in nice light.


During the second half, the sunshine suddenly disappeared, replaced by ominous dark clouds as the heavens opened.


Rain turned to hail, as a strong wind blasted across the field, freezing the participants to the core. In the space of five minutes, I went from warm and bone dry to completely soaked through.


With the rain lashing down relentlessly, my camera stopped focusing properly, the lens was constantly foggy, and water was collecting in the lens hood.


Eventually I had to stop shooting as my hands were so numb I couldn’t feel the camera, and the only way I could tell whether I was pressing the shutter button or not was from the clicks!


To see more photos from the Welwyn Hatfield Sunday Football League, visit my dedicated webpage andytodd.co/whsfl.

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