“Did you get that?”

If I had a pound for every time I was asked that by a supporter, player or bystander I could pay someone else to take the photos for me.

Jimmy Rea dives straight at me as he scores a try against Loughborough

Andy Long during the post-match huddle after defeat to Ampthill

It’s not as easy as it looks.  I’ve been photographing the Bishop’s Stortford 1st XV for three years now and in that short period I’ve learnt a huge amount about how to capture better photos, but I’m still learning lessons and trying new things every week. From choosing a position to shoot from, to hoping that some action comes your way, to cursing when play is confined to the other end of the pitch, and most important of all praying that it doesn’t rain, there are so many variables.

Matt Riddington darting through the Birmingham defence last season

When I’m viewing the game through the lens it’s a completely different experience to watching as a fan, it’s very much tunnel vision and often things happen outside of my line of sight as I’m usually focused on following the ball around the pitch. Once or twice I’ve lost sight of where it is and have to look up from my camera to see what’s happening!

Rob Duff celebrates his try against Darlington with James Apperley and George Cullen 

I like the images I take to be dynamic, something that shows off the speed, strength and agility of the players, or their extreme emotions of joy or despair. The photos I’ve chosen here to illustrate that perhaps include a few you haven’t seen before.

Amber King celebrates scoring the fifth try against St Neots in last season’s final match


(Originally published in Bishop’s Stortford RFC matchday programme in December 2018.)

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